Sarasota, Florida is a fantastic destination that offers visitors a plethora of exciting activities and attractions to enjoy. Whether you are interested in relaxing on the beach, exploring nature, or indulging in delicious cuisine, Sarasota has something for everyone. However, if you are looking to broaden your travel horizons and explore other amazing destinations, here are three places you should consider visiting next year.


Greece is a fascinating and beautiful country that should be on everyone’s travel list. The country is home to an incredible history and rich culture, stunning architecture, and breathtaking natural beauty. The islands of Greece are known for their white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and charming villages.

One of the most popular destinations to visit when you vacation in Greece is Santorini, which is known for its iconic white-washed buildings and stunning sunsets. The island of Mykonos is also a must-visit destination, with its vibrant nightlife, picturesque beaches, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Athens, the capital city, is also a fascinating place to explore, with its ancient ruins, museums, and vibrant modern culture.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a stunning destination that offers visitors an abundance of natural beauty, adventure, and unique cultural experiences. The country is home to stunning landscapes, including glaciers, beaches, mountains, and lush forests.

One of the most popular destinations in New Zealand is Queenstown, which is known as the adventure capital of the world. Here, visitors can indulge in activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, and skiing. Another popular destination is Rotorua, which is known for its geothermal activity and Maori culture.

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Japan is a fascinating destination that offers visitors a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern culture. The country is known for its beautiful temples and gardens, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife.

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One of the most popular destinations in Japan is Tokyo, which is a bustling metropolis that offers visitors a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Kyoto is another popular destination, known for its traditional architecture, stunning temples, and gardens. Other must-visit destinations include Osaka, known for its delicious food and vibrant nightlife, and Hiroshima, which is a city with a tragic past but a resilient spirit.

While Sarasota is a wonderful destination, there are many other exciting places to explore around the world. Greece offers a stunning blend of history and natural beauty, New Zealand offers adventure and stunning landscapes, and Japan offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Each of these destinations is sure to provide visitors with unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

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